Why Choose Solar?

Why go solar

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), indirectly using concentrated solar power, or a combination. There are several reasons why many of us choose to switch from using conventional electricity to solar energy. Below are the reasons why choose solar :

Easy Installation

It is just using a simple plug & play concept with simple accessories mounting. Solar devices requires no hacking and internal / external wiring to connect to electrical power source.


Solar devices are mostly mobile, portable and easy to relocate should it be required

Rechargeable Battery

Most of solar devices are using high-powered rechargeable battery with more than 5 years lifespan makes the devices last longer and low maintenance.

tactical solar

UV & IR Free

All Solarmuda products are free from Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) & Infrared Radiation (IR) that can cause harm to human i.e human skin and eye reactions. 

Waterproof & Dust Tight

Most of our solar devices are waterproof & dust tight with IP 65/ IP66 rating. Come rain or shine, they can handle it effectively. It will also make it last longer and low maintenance needed.
Waterproof Solar Power Bank

Nowadays, more and more Malaysians are using solar technology in the office and at home. However, not many consumers know the benefits of using this technology. Many consumers also consider this technology to be costly without considering the long-term savings.

Solar technology has now become one of the most accessible and widely used renewable energy sources. The awareness among Malaysians about this technology is also increasing. Today, Malaysia ranks third in the world as a hub for solar power and green technology. In view of the need for this solar technology, we have provided a wide range of solar related services.

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