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Every customer’s view, testimonial and feedback are critical to us to ensure that we fulfil every customer needs as promised. We accept these Solarmuda customer testimonials with an open heart to improve our services. Therefore, we will treat all good or bad testimonials as a lesson, and we will try our best to provide the services!


Some of the testimonials we received from our customers impressed us. One of them is from our customer who lives in Sarawak’s rural area, where he does not have the opportunity to receive electricity supply in his house. Every day before Maghrib, he had to find candles to light in the place.

His children who are still in school have to use candlelight to study and complete school homework. Until he found us on social media, he continued to get products that fulfil his needs with suggestions and advice from our Sales Team.

Here are some Solarmuda Customer Testimonials that we have received from our customers:

Testimonial Solar Flood Light

Testimoni Solar Flood Light
“Terang! Satu lampu dah boleh cover satu porch” – En. Adi
Testimonial Solar Flood Light
“Walaupun tiada bekalan dari syarikat bekalan elektrik, pondok kami dah terang dengan produk Solar Flood LIght ni!”
“Sangat Senang nak pasang, tidak perlu tarik cable panjang-panjang.”
“Sangat-sangat terang!”
Testimonial Solar Flood Light
“Halaman rumah dah terang!”
Testimonial Solar Flood Light
“Belakang rumah pun dah terang!”

We hope that these testimonials will give you a good picture of the quality of service and solution provided by Solarmuda.

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