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Solarmuda (Solar Muda Trading) is a company that provides solar-related services and equipment. We also provide poles and street lighting services to all customers in the peninsula of Malaysia. The services provided are professional to ensure our solutions provided are based on the customer requirement.

Solar technology has now become one of the most accessible and widely used renewable energy sources. The awareness among Malaysians about this technology is also increasing. Today, Malaysia ranks third in the world as a hub for solar power and green technology. Because of the need for this solar technology, we have provided a wide range of solar-related services.


Our vision is to become the No.1 solar light provider throughout Malaysia as well as developing continuous support of Solar Solution Awareness among others.


Our mission is to have many retail store branches in every major town of Malaysia that provides a one-stop center of Solar & Lighting equipment whereby customers can easily walk-in and testing all the products provided. We are also focusing on developing a most user-friendly e-commerce website to ease and give an awesome online purchase experience.  So, please visit our online shop, please click here.

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Tn. Suhaila Tn. Abdullah

Phone: 0178773678



SolarMuda Trading (002749776-D)

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