Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light Series is a collection of solar light solutions from Solarmuda that suitable specifically for street and roadway. However it is also suitable for Park, Parking lot etc

The cost of electricity around the world has increased over the last few years more dramatically than ever before in history, and the current industry trends do not show any slowdown, or reversal, in these price growth trends.A�A�Our Solar Custom Lighting Solution, on the other hand, requires no elecA�tricity (in the normal sense) and therefore, through electric cost savings over the lifetime of the Solar Street Light, they completely pay for themselves more than once over.A� And, in a world that is increasingly concerned with cleaner, greener, more ecologically homes and businesses, your clients will appreciate that you are taking that first large step toward a greener economy and concern about the climate change.

Solar streetlights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than one night if the sun is not available for a couple of days. Older models included lamps that were not fluorescent or LED. Solar lights installed in windy regions are generally equipped with flat panels to better cope with the winds.


Solar Street Light Solution Specifications (ESL 30)

  • LED : 3000 lumens
  • Battery type :rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Solar panel : Monocrystalline silicon
  • Solar charging time : 9-10 hours by bright sunlight
  • Light time : 3 nights after fully charged
  • Light mode : remort control + time control + PIR motion sensor
  • Waterproof : IP 65
  • Material : Aluminium alloy + PC
  • Sizes : 773x225x287mm


Solar Street Light implementation

Solar Street Light

Solar Street Light Features:

1. Elegant Integrated Design, Aluminum alloy case
2. Super bright LEDs, 2000Lumens
3. Every element can be easily replaced by users
4. Over 140A�wide lighting angle
5. Support 3 nights lighting time
6. Easy to install
7. Warranty – 3 years

Product Application Area

Courtyard/Garden/ Park/Street/Roadway/pathway/Parking Lot/Private road/Sidewalk/Public square/ plaza/Campus/Airfield/Farm & Ranch/Perimeter Security/ Wildlife area/Remote Area/Military Base/High way/Government/ Solar Pillar Light Malaysia project for special use.

Solar Street Light Malaysia

Solar Street Lights Design


Please contact us for a complete Solar Solution /proposal:

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